Terms of Service


Presenting Your Vehicle:

  • The vehicle shall be presented with a quantity of fuel/charge sufficient for our technicians to complete the requested work including road testing (if applicable).
  • The vehicle shall be presented in a condition that shall present no health hazards to our staff.
  • All tyres will meet the minimum required legal standard to allow road-testing (unless booked for related works; I.e. tyre renewal).
  • Any relevant items (e.g. service book and/or locking wheel key – if applicable) will be laid out or made available to our staff.
  • Any video/audio recording equipment (e.g. a dash-cam) shall be removed/disabled prior to dropping off the vehicle. To protect the privacy of our staff, any recording equipment left active/connected will be disconnected and may have its memory erased.
  • Taking vehicle condition photos is mandatory to ensure both that our Customers are completely aware of the current condition of their vehicle and of any pre-existing damage (to prevent wrongful accusations) as well as to combat fraudulent and malicious damage claims. Photographs of the vehicle should be taken such that the complete vehicle condition (wheels/bodywork/etc) can be clearly seen and confirmed. Related metadata must evidence that the photographs were taken at our premises following drop-off on the agreed date of your booking. Photos must be retained on a mobile device if not uploaded.

Component Failure:

  • When your vehicle is in our workshop the driver’s front window will be opened. This is done to prevent the keys being locked inside the vehicle in the event that a fault occurs/is present with the central locking system. We will NOT be held responsible if, due to pre-existing poor/worn condition, the window motor/mechanical regulator fails when lowering/raising the window. If you do not want us to operate your vehicle’s window for the reason stated prior, you must cancel your booking. In the event that the driver’s window is defective and cannot be operated, you should advise our workshop prior to attending your booking.
  • If your vehicle’s timing belt, or any other component, fails due to pre-existing poor/worn condition while in our care, or after your visit, we will not be held responsible any related damage/required repairs. If you do not accept this, you must cancel your booking.

Lead Time:

  • Where a booking for non-routine works is requested, it is likely that the vehicle will be off the road for a period of time. You are required to leave the vehicle with us to complete works as necessary. Prior to completing an initial investigation, numerous unknown factors may affect turnaround time. We will keep you updated as works progress and will instruct on an estimated time of completion as soon it is known (normally 2-5 days, however it is not possible to specify prior to completing the initial investigation).

Third Party Warranty:

  • MB Jarvie Limited will have no involvement at any stage of a claim process with a Third Party Warranty Provider.

Payment & Collection:

  • All accounts will be settled in full prior to/at time of vehicle collection, unless otherwise agreed. Cheques are not an acceptable form of payment.
  • Payment by bank transfer preferred and is mandatory on balances equal to or greater than £1000.
  • Storage charges will apply at £35+VAT per day if vehicle is not collected following completion of works, unless otherwise agreed.