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M B Jarvie Ltd are long-established, IMI-registered, Independent Audi Garage Glasgow specialists in servicing, repairs and diagnostics. Have your Audi serviced and maintained by trained, IMI-recognised, certified professionals who know the brand. M B Jarvie Ltd – your Audi Garage Glasgow & dealer alternative.

Audi Garage Glasgow


Audi Garage Glasgow

Audi Garage Glasgow Servicing

Audi Garage Glasgow

Audi Garage Glasgow Repairs

Audi Garage Glasgow

Audi-specific equipment

Audi Garage Glasgow

Audi diagnostics

At M B Jarvie Ltd we offer a full range of garage services, both mechanical and electrical.

  • Servicing
  • Repairs
  • MOTs
  • Brakes
  • Exhausts
  • Batteries

Maintain your Audi car warranty by getting it serviced at M B Jarvie Ltd by trained professionals. We aim to save you money and take pride in our ability to repair faults where possible, rather than merely replace parts.
M B Jarvie Ltd: your Audi Garage Glasgow

Audi Servicing


M B Jarvie Ltd are independent Audi Garage Glasgow service and repair specialists. We carry out Manufacturer-approved servicing. If your Audi service history has been carried out in accordance with the Manufacturer’s recommend schedule, we determine the service scope of your Audi and carry out the required service operations. Depending on your Audi’s age, the current service scope may be unclear. We will asses your Audi’s service requirement and advise on the recommended service operations. The service assessment includes reference to your Audi’s service history and visual inspection of service items (filters, etc). Have your Audi serviced by M B Jarvie Ltd, your Audi Garage Glasgow Independent Specialist.

Audi Garage Glasgow

Warranty & Service Records


Many manufacturers of modern vehicles now store vehicle service records digitally, online. In many cases Manufacturers will not supply a service book with a new vehicle. Most people know the importance of vehicle service history. It is essential that you vehicle service history is recorded on the new online Audi server. M B Jarvie Ltd are fully authorised by Audi-Benz to update your online Digital Service Record. We access your vehicle’s online Digital Service Record via our Audi-Benz Dealer Portal, allowing us to record all servicing works carried out on your vehicle. We will also include a hard copy print out of any servicing works completed on your vehicle, along with the M B Jarvie Ltd stamp. Your warranty will not be compromised.

Audi Diagnostics


Got a warning light on your Audi’s dashboard? Noticed drivability issues with your Audi? M B Jarvie Ltd are experts in Audi diagnostics and electrical fault-finding. Our trained and certified technicians, using Audi-specific equipment, can can diagnose and rectify any faults with your Audi. Don’t risk causing damage by ignoring warning lights on your Audi’s dashboard. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Audi Tyres


At M B Jarvie Car Service we have state of the art tyre removal and fitting equipment with RUNFLAT capability. Specialist tyre removal and fitting equipment is essential to ensure your Audi’s tyres are able to be changed without causing damage to the wheel. Don’t risk causing damage to your Audi’s wheels or tyres with substandard equipment. The condition of your Audi’s tyres will be checked and reported at time of service, but if you think your vehicle may need new tyres, get in touch to see how we can help.

Audi Engine Tuning


Want more power, more torque and improved drivability? Our Audi engine performance enhancement service unlocks your Audi’s full potential. Get the most out of your Audi’s engine! 

Audi Garage Glasgow

Audi Performance Enhancements

Audi Engine Tuning From


  • Optimised engine performance
  • Increased power
  • Increased torque
  • Improved drivability
  • Tailored to your Audi engine
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Performance Figures

Audi A3 2.0 TDI 136 HP 8P (2008-2012)

Before and after engine tuning.

Power Before Engine Tuning
136 HP
Power After Engine Tuning
187 HP
Torque Before Engine Tuning
320 Nm
Torque After Engine Tuning
413 Nm
  • % Increase
  • % Increase

Actual figures may vary

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If you’re interested in getting the most from your engine, safely and without the need for additional modifications, click below and take a couple of minutes to submit an engine tuning quote request.

Audi Garage Glasgow

Audi Service Pricing


Below follows our Audi service pricing. Note that only Audi-supplied parts and approved lubricants will be installed to satisfy your Audi’s service requirement. Your Audi will be serviced in accordance with manufacturer’s service schedules and using manufacturer service tools and equipment. If your Audi is not listed below, please request a tailored estimate. If you’re not sure which service is appropriate for your Audi, we can appraise your vehicle and advise accordingly. Entrust your Audi to the best, M B Jarvie Ltd, your Audi Garage Glasgow Specialist.

Audi Service FAQs

Audi Garage Glasgow
Audi Garage Glasgow


Established in 1981, we are an independent car service and repair garage based in Kinning Park on the south side of Glasgow. We specialise in the service and repair of German cars including Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes-Benz & BMW. We are also an MOT testing station and provide a full range of car repair services for both modern and classic cars.

As a small, family run business, we provide a personal and direct service, taking pride in our ability to repair faults whenever possible rather than merely replace parts.

Whether you own a luxury saloon or family hatchback, with our fully equipped workshop, highly trained and qualified staff, we can help with all your motoring needs and save you money. Drop us a line or pop in to see how.

Our goal

We want to provide our customers with the best service possible in car servicing, repair and diagnostics. We’re serious about what we do and want our customers to be secure in the knowledge that they’ve brought their car to the right place and trust us from the first visit.

We separate ourselves from other independent garages in several ways. We keep our technical knowledge current though regular training and pursue industry recognised qualifications. With an IMI-recognised Advanced Automotive Engineer as part of the M B Jarvie Ltd team, we place ourselves above even main dealers when it comes to ability, knowledge and skill in vehicle repair and diagnostics.

Ultimately, we’re equipped to get our customers cars diagnosed, rectified and back on the road in the minimum amount of time.
Established in 1981, we are proud of our success to date, having built up a large and loyal customer base. We remain a small company…with a big reputation.

Why us?

  • Qualified & trained technicians
  • IMI Professionally Registered company
  • Personal & direct service
  • Preserve your warranty
  • Service, repair & diagnostic experts
  • MOT testing station
  • Petrol & diesel specialists
  • Hybrid & electric vehicle certified repairers
  • Qualified air conditioning specialists
  • Premium diagnostic equipment
  • Fully equipped workshop
  • Competitive pricing
  • Mechanical & electrical work undertaken
  • Modern & classic car repair experts
  • Work undertaken on all makes & models
  • Off-street parking
Audi Garage Glasgow